What is hot in Facebook this week ?

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Here is the latest updates on Facebook for this week:


1. Facebook Commits to Third Party Audit, Provides New Ad Options

To assure and assist advertisers, Facebook’s offering the following:


Facebook’s looking to provide marketers – on both Facebook and Instagram – more detailed ‘in-view’ information about ad impressions.

Facebook has also committed to being audited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) to verify the accuracy of the information they provide.

Facebook’s also expanding its pool of third party verification partners.

Facebook’s looking to provide more options for video ad buyers, with three new options to be made available “later this year”.

2. Facebook Makes Moves to Stop Discriminatory Ad Targeting

Facebook has updated their ad policies to further underline their stance against discrimination in ad targeting.

In addition to this, Facebook’s also turning to algorithms to identify potential violations of their revised policies.

3.  Facebook’s introduces ‘Discover People’ to help you break the ice with strangers

Presently rolling out worldwide across Android and iOS, It’s called ‘Discover People’, and it lets you see a list of profiles of users who are attending the same event as you are, as well as those who live in your town and those who are employed by your company.

4. Facebook Updates News Feed, Ranking Longer Videos By Completion Rate

Now, Facebook is adding “percent completion” or “the percent of each video you watch” to get a better picture of the videos any particular user likes to see.

5. Facebook beats in Q4 with $8.81B revenue, slower growth to 1.86B users

Facebook had another strong quarter in Q4 2016, earning $8.81 billion in revenue and $1.41 EPS. It pulled that from 1.86 billion monthly users, up 3.91 percent this quarter, or 70 million users, from 1.79 billion, but at a slower pace than its 4.67 percent growth last quarter. Mobile now makes up 84 percent of its ad revenue, the same as last quarter, accounting for $7.248 billion, signalling that Facebook has successfully completed its shift to mobile.

6. Facebook Takes Another Decisive Step Towards Countering Fake News

Finally, Facebook‘s ongoing battle against fake news is actually news to no one. However, the company keeps us updated on a regular basis about its latest features and solutions to end the phenomenon.


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