Furious 7 Hits $1.15 Billion Worldwide to Become 7th Highest-Grossing Film Ever & Announcing Furious 8 launching in April 2017.

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“Furious 7” has reached $1.7 billion worldwide at the box office thus far, making it the number seven top grossing film in history.

Vin Diesel told exhibitors “You’ve been so loyal all along,” . “You helped us create history here.”

Vin Diesel has confirmed that the next installment of the “Fast and the Furious” franchise will hit theaters in April 2017. Diesel broke the news during a panel discussion at CinemaCon in Las Vegas earlier this week and thanked the audience, mostly comprised of cinema owners.



Furious 7 breaking records word wide by achieving 1 Billion $ in just 17 days from launching.

One of lessons from Furious 7 , Crisis which crew and producers face when Paul Walker died ,

They face this crisis by delaying year launching movie and use Paul Walker brothers with digital effects to complete

his scenes .

“Vin Diesel “said that Fast & Furious 7 made for ” Paul Walker “ and Furious 8 made from” Paul Walker “.

Summary :

“When you face bravely your crisis and your crew acting as family to success , you will reach your marketing goals beyond your expectation “

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