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Friskis&Svettis Stockholm – Case study On Instagram

We will see also how they integrate between Digital Channels and Offline Channels?

In January 2013  all gyms and health clubs in Sweeden advertise to catch everyone who made the classic New Year’s resolution — start exercising. Friskis&Svettis is no exception.

Friskissthlm mission was to create a campaign on behalf of 16 branches of Friskis&Svettis in Stockholm, to get more people to discover the various forms of exercise at Friskis&Svettis.

Friskis & Svettis is a non-profit association, owned by the members.
They know their gym better than anyone.They let the members to be part of the campaign and inspire others to join the community?

They created the hashtag #friskissthlm on #Instagram and called on the members to work out, photograph and tag their pics and by doing so; become a part of the campaign around Stockholm.

They used billboards and put their members photos on through the campaign , Which made exposure in Sweeden ,

Photos of Friskis members was on these Billboards , Those members take selfie also with their billboards photo and publish it on Instagram.


  • +2000Pictures
  • +8.000.000 Displays
  • +4.000 Comment

The Campaign Video :

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