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We would like to introduce what happened last week in the every social media platform to help you stay up to date with social media:

First Facebook

1) Facebook Testing Color Coordinated Link Previews to Make Articles Stand Out.

The new look previews drop a colored overlay under the headline of the article with a new headline font. The color of each background is dynamic, reflecting the dominant color from the featured image, or a complimentary color for those images which are largely white space.

2) Facebook Announces Plans to Read Your Mind, the Next Level of Platform Connection

At their annual F8 conference, Facebook has revealed that it has a 60 person team working on a new system that will enable users to type by simply thinking of what you want to say.

3) Facebook Testing More Groups Updates, Adding Groups to Main Function Bar

Facebook’s testing out their next phase in emphasizing Groups, with some users seeing a new Groups tab built into their function bar within the Facebook app.

4) Facebook Unveils Camera Effects Platform, the Next Evolution of Visual Communication

In a post on Facebook, Zuckerberg notes that the rollout of new camera tools and options within Facebook’s family of apps was act one – act two is the introduction of their new Camera Effects Platform, which will enable developers to build all kinds of AR tools – which goes live from today.

5) Facebook Announces New Messenger Tools at F8, with a Focus on Bots

As part of their annual F8 developer conference, Facebook has announced a new update for their Messenger platform, with a range of new tools and features designed to get you doing more on Messenger and to promote the utility of the now more than 100,000 active bots on the platform.

  • First off, they’re adding a new discovery tool, which will help people find relevant options within the app
  • Facebook’s also announced a new option which will enable users to bring bots into group conversations, which TechCrunch reported was incoming last month.
  • Facebook’s also announced ‘Parametric Messenger Codes’ which will enable businesses to generate multiple QR codes for their Messenger bots in order to see which ones are being scanned the most.
  • And the last major Messenger update relates to their games platform – they’re adding a heap of new games, a new games tab and the addition of turn-based functionality.

6) Facebook Announces New Tools for Workplace, Including Bots

First up, Facebook’s announced a new group of Workplace integrations to make file-sharing on the platform more efficient. Partnering with Box, Microsoft, and Quip, the new system will enable users to see thumbnail images of content within a shared file, while they’ll also be able to easily click through to make quick edits and changes.

Working with files in Workplace

Posted by Facebook for Developers on 2017 m. balandis 16 d.

In addition to this, Facebook’s also bringing bots to Workplace.

Bots in Workplace

Posted by Facebook for Developers on 2017 m. balandis 16 d.

 7) Facebook Launches Social VR App ‘Spaces’

Facebook has announced the latest stage of their VR social platform with a new VR app called ‘Spaces’ within which you can virtually interact with friends.

We just launched Facebook Spaces, our social virtual reality platform. With Spaces, you can hang out with your friends, teleport anywhere and do anything. The actors enjoyed shooting this video so much that they asked if they could stay in Spaces for a few hours after they were done.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on 2017 m. balandis 18 d.

8) Spotify is launching a Messenger bot for sharing song clips with friends

Spotify will be launching a bot for Facebook Messenger users that lets friends discover and share music directly in their chats. The bot, which takes advantage of Facebook’s soon-to-launch chat extensions, includes search tools, music recommendations, and sharing functionality for sending 30-second song clips to friends that can either be listened to within Messenger, or launched in Spotify’s app to hear the song in full.

9) Facebook releases timeline of Cleveland shooting videos

Facebook is facing backlash after a Cleveland man uploaded a video of himself shooting someone to the social network, and followed it with a Live video confessing to the murder. The slaying and its subsequent distribution across Facebook has raised questions about how the company moderates violent content.


10) Facebook wants to help you hear through your skin

Facebook team is exploring ways that humans could utilize their skin to hear.

11) Udacity is going to help Facebook teach engineers within its Developer Circles

Facebook’s been steadily growing its Developer Circles initiative in recent months and today during its annual F8 conference the company provided an update on growth and announced a new partnership with Udacity. Developer Circles is Facebook’s community-driven initiative for engaging with and training developers.

Second Instagram

1) Instagram Adds ‘Collections’ to Help Organize Ideas on the Platform

Instagram is adding a new option for users to save posts they like into collections so they can easily access them at a later stage.

2) Instagram on Android Gets an Offline Mode

Instagram announced a new offline mode for its Android app, so that you don’t always have to be dependent on your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

Third Twitter

1) Twitter Announces Mid-Roll Video Ads, Continuing Focus on Video Monetization

Twitter’s been running pre-roll video ads on selected content for some time, and recently extended that option to Periscope streams. Now, advertisers will also have the option to include mid-stream ad content to boost revenue opportunities.

Forth Snapchat

1) Snapchat Releases New World Lenses which Respond to Real-World Scenes

Snapchat has launched its ‘new’ World Lenses, three dimensional objects which can overlay on your videos which shift and move in response to your actions.


Fifth LinkedIn

1) LinkedIn Updates Terms of Service to Cover Coming Additions and Tools

LinkedIn has announced a few updates to their Terms of Service which are important to note for users – both in terms of the immediate privacy implications and the functions the changes are designed to facilitate.

Sixth Google

1) Google Announces Updates for Google Analytics.

Google’s announced a series of refinements which are focused on making Analytics simpler to use, including a new home page which you’ll soon see when you log in.

As explained by Google:

  • “The “Home” page in Google Analytics now offers an overview of key aspects of your business’ online presence. Here are a few highlights:
  • You can see snippets from a curated set Google Analytics reports, including real time data, with simple and streamlined controls.
  • Each snippet is preceded by a helpful question that frames the data, such as “When do your users visit?” or “Where do your users come from?”
  • Want to dig deeper? Hover on any data point for more details or drill into the relevant report with the provided link on each card.
  • “Home” is automatically configured based on your setup: For example, if you have Goals or E-Commerce, you’ll see the page change accordingly.”

2) Google’s rolling out an update for Google Home which will enable it to identify individual users by their voice, and respond accordingly.

3) Google said to be planning a built-in ad blocker for Chrome

Google is planning to add an ad blocker to Chrome, its web browser, and to possibly turn it on by default for all users.

4) Google Maps for IOS now lets you retrace your steps with Timeline

Google hasn’t had a terrific record with building social networks, but its Timeline feature for Google Maps is actually surprisingly similar to a primary facet of most social products, and it’s a very interesting addition to an app that has largely been focused solely on getting you from point A to point B. Now, IOS users can find out what their Android counterparts have been enjoying with Timeline in Maps since 2015.

5) Google Earth for Chrome & Android gets upgraded with guided tours, more discovery features

Google has unveiled its new vision for Google Earth, the software that combines satellite imagery, topographic maps and 3D cities, to help you better visualize the planet. The company is now rolling out an update for Google Earth for web and Android, two years in the making, that will introduce features like guided tours, Knowledge cards, as well as Google’s classic “I’m feeling lucky” button for more spontaneous discoveries, and more.

6) New partnership makes Google Play Music the default on all Samsung devices, with double the storage capacity

Samsung and Google today announced a new partnership that will make Google Play Music the default music player and music service including on new Samsung phone and tablets worldwide, starting with the launch of the Galaxy S8 and S8+. The deal comes with an added bonus for Samsung users – they’ll be able to upload up to 100,000 of their own songs to Google Play Music for free.

7) Google Launching a Job Search Service Called “Google Hire”

Google is preparing to launch a new jobs service. The company has not officially announced the launch of the service yet, but as you can see the home page is live for everyone to see.

8) YouTube Allows Live Streaming for Channels with 1,000 Subscribers

YouTube live streaming was first introduced back in February, channels had to have at least 10,000 subscribers in order to initiate a live stream. Now that threshold has been reduced to 1,000 subscribers.

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