Facebook’s testing the Ability to cross-post Instagram stories to WhatsApp status

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After seeing success with Instagram Stories, and rolling out Stories variants to Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp, The Social Network is now working on re-focusing its Stories tools, which could provide significant benefits for brands.

Their latest effort on this front is a new test which would enable Instagram users to cross-post heir Instagram Stories to WhatsApp Status.

Back in November, Facebook announced the merger of their two under-performing Stories tools, Messenger Day and Facebook Stories, into one – meaning that when you upload a Facebook Story, it’s now also viewable on Messenger (and vice-versa).

  In October, Facebook also confirmed that the ability to cross-post your Instagram Story to Facebook was also in the process of being rolled out

That means that if you post an Instagram Story, you can also have that same Story appear in the top bar on Facebook and Messenger.

Messaging is clearly on the rise, and should not be ignored – just this week, WhatsApp reported that they saw a new record in messages sent on a single day with 75 billion shared on New Year’s Eve.

Both Messenger and WhatsApp now have more than 1.3 billion users, providing huge reach potential – but more importantly, both apps have significant reach in different regions, as shown on this map.


As such, the addition of WhatsApp as an option for sharing your Stories content will no doubt hold significant allure for businesses looking tap into different markets – while international brands could help subvert Stories overload by cross-posting to each app as they choose, enabling more focused messaging.



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