Facebook’s Published a New Study Which Highlights Effective Mobile Video Techniques

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Stand Out in Feed: Optimizing Video Creative on Mobile

AS explained by Facebook:

From existing Facebook IQ research we know that replicating TV ads in a mobile feed environment is not always the best approach, as People perceive ads on Facebook differently from TV. 

 So, we wanted to explore more about how video ads perform on Facebook and Instagram. In particular, we wanted to understand the drivers of good creative performance. We worked with MetrixLab to conduct a global meta-analysis, studying 759 video ads, from 300+ brands, across nine verticals, in 25 different countries. Then our Marketing Science team worked with MetrixLab to categorize these ads to understand their key characteristics.

Facebook commissioned a study of some 759 video ads from 300+ brands, across nine verticals, and distributed across 25 countries. The researchers surveyed video viewers to get their responses on brand recall, then collated them relative to each approach.

The core of their findings was This: 

“We discovered that ads created for mobile first stand out on Facebook and Instagram, and perform better across a range of different metrics.”

‘Traditional Narratives’, the kind you’d see on TV, performed worst for brand recall,

“When a brand is less identifiable, it may impact the whole funnel; this cluster of ads (Traditional Narratives) also had the lowest scores on message recall and purchase intent, compared to the other two clusters. These ads were also among the lower performing group in metrics such as: brand fit, credibility and relevance.”

Further underlining this, Facebook also found that brand presence in the first seconds significantly improved aided recall.

Indeed, in their final observation, the research team also noted that shorter, mobile first videos clearly performed best.

By understanding that mobile consumption is different, the brands with ads in this cluster were rewarded with stronger results on the metrics that matter.


You can view the full Facebook ‘Stand Out in Feed’ report here.

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