Facebook’s Experimenting with Messenger Streaks.

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After various user reports, Facebook has confirmed that they’re testing out a new ‘Messenger Streaks’ option, which aims to inspire more engagement on the platform by letting you know when you have an active streak going.

 The new prompts will let you know you have a streak going, which could prompt you to interact more. Aside from the pop-up, users may also see a lightning bolt next to the name of a person they’ve messaged with for at least three days in a row, with a counter to indicate how many consecutive days they’ve been interacting.

But it’s probably worth a shot. Sure, some people will be annoyed by the reminder, and some will criticize another blatant copy of Snapchat’s functionality. But some, particularly those not on Snapchat, might find it interesting. And if that increases engagement, the experiment will be worth it.

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