Facebook will remove organic page posts from News Feed unless you PAY!

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Facebook is testing a major change that would shift non-promoted posts out of its news feed, a move that could be catastrophic for publishers relying on the social network for their audience.

In the test, Facebook will cordon off the traditional News Feed as the exclusive domain of posts from people’s friends and family members and will limit Pages’ organic posts to the Explore Feed.

This new step is being rolled in 6 countries including (Slovakia, Serbia and Sri Lanka)  see almost all non-promoted posts shifted over to a secondary feed, leaving the main feed focused entirely on original content from friends, and adverts.

The change has seen users’ engagement with Facebook pages drop precipitously, from 60% to 80%.


 Facebook creates more places to hold users’ attention. The hope for Facebook is making more money. with multiple feeds, Facebook creates more places to hold users’ attention and therefore show them ads.


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