Facebook tests pre-roll ads, shifts Ad Breaks to longer content.

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  Facebook confirmed it will begin testing pre-roll video ads on the platform’s video-centric features such as Watch in a blog post outlining several updates to its video distribution and monetization strategy. The test will start with six-second pre-roll ads. 

  • Video distribution: Updating News Feed ranking to improve the distribution of videos that people actively want to watch — for example, videos from Pages that have strong repeat viewership.
  • Ad Breaks: Improving the viewing experience for people by updating our guidelines for Ad Breaks, and providing new metrics for publishers and creators to understand how their Ad Breaks perform.
  • Pre-roll: Testing pre-roll ads in places where people intentionally go to watch videos, like Watch.



     The key change to video monetization is how Facebook handles Ad Breaks, with shorter content no longer eligible for these ads. In January, eligibility will shift to videos that are at least three minutes long with the earliest possible ad break at the one-minute mark. This is a shift from the previous policy of eligibility for ad breaks started at videos of 90 seconds and the first break possible at the 20-second mark.

    Facebook explained it :

While News Feed will remain a powerful place for publishers and creators to grow and connect with their audience, over time we expect more repeat viewing and engagement to happen in places like Watch. The Discover tab in Watch will also prioritize shows that people come back to. As new shows build audiences, places like Watch are well suited for people to predictably catch up on the latest episodes and content from their favorite publishers and creators, and engage in a richer social viewing experience – for example, connecting with other fans in a dedicated Facebook Group for the show.

         A change to Live Ad Breaks that appears designed to address concerns around brand safety. Live Ad Breaks will no longer support Profiles and will only support Pages with more than 50,000 followers after research showed Pages below this threshold were more likely to share live videos that don’t comply with content guidelines.


   Facebook Announced :

Next year, we will begin testing pre-roll ads in places where people proactively seek out content, like Watch. While pre-roll ads don’t work well in News Feed, we think they will work well in Watch because it’s a place where people visit and come back to with the intention to watch videos. We’ll start with 6-second pre-roll with the goal of understanding what works best for different types of shows across a range of audiences.



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