Facebook Testing new feature for Businesses to Chat Privately With Customers

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Customer service is becoming more and more of an important factor for brands on social media.

From this point of view Facebook  announced a new suite of features to make it easier for businesses to use its internal, private chat to talk to customers.

As a business owner, if a customer leaves a comment on your Facebook page, you now have the option to pick up the conversation in the privacy of a personal chat window.

According to Facebook, over a billion people visit Pages every month looking for more information from businesses. And often, this will take the form of a comment on a post, or a message sent to the page admins. Facebook is officially launching 3 new messaging features to help businesses and customers interact better.

It’s better for you to be able to complete the conversation with that salty customer in private, off of the main stage of your business Facebook Page. When a company replies privately to a comment, the comment displays a note that the business responded privately, so visitors to your page know you addressed it.

To encourage business owners to use the tool, Facebook is giving digital badges to businesses that respond to 90 percent of private messages and have an average response time of less than five minutes.

The badge will notify customers that the business in question is “very responsive to messages.” Business owners can access real-time measurement of their response rate from a private analytics dashboard connected to their Facebook page.




















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