Facebook Removes The Ability To Boost Some Uncommon Post Types

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Facebook is retiring a whole list of uncommon Boosted post options on September 15.

Here’s the definitive list:

– Boosting share of products from shops

– Boosting the share of a story about a for-sale post

– Boosting a check-in on a map, at a restaurant, or in a city

– Boosting the share of a note

– Boosting the share of a poll

– Boosting place recommendations

– Boosting the share of cultural moments

– Boosting the share of comments

– Boosting change of a Profile picture

– Boosting a file upload or share

– Boosting a sports event

– Boosting of a video or image uploaded through the Facebook camera

– Boosting of attendance for an event

– Boosting the share of a video playlist

– Boosting the status of watching a television show, movie, or other types of programming

– Boosting a post from an app posted to a Page’s timeline

– Boosting a political endorsement

These post types on Facebook are used so very rarely, that they almost don’t matter to anyone.

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