Facebook is planning a more direct assault on YouTube

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New reports have emerged that The Social Network’s planning to expand its ‘Watch’ video platform into a more YouTube-like offering by opening the tools to individual creators, and adding more opportunities for monetization of content.


As per CNBC:

“Facebook wants to allow more people to create their own shows on Watch, according to three media agencies who asked they remain anonymous because the conversations are private. Instead of buying rights to these shows, however, Facebook wants to create a system where creators can upload their shows for free, then earn a cut of the revenue from ads placed on that content — similar to how YouTube pays its online creators.”


CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted this himself during the company’s Q3 announcement, saying that:

“We just want to start the flywheel going [with publisher content] so that way there’s content and communities that are there that support this use case of people coming to Facebook to specifically engage in that. Long term, our hope is that the business here will primarily be through revenue shares of videos that normal creators and businesses put into the system, rather than the ones we proactively go out and license ourselves.”

 YouTube enables such connectivity via various devices, as does Facebook, but a more integrated, Watch-specific version of Facebook’s connection tool could provide a significant boost in viewership for such content.


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