Facebook officially launches mobile app, educational site for video creators

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With a channel management app and an educational site, Facebook is following YouTube’s playbook in hopes of winning over creators.


The app provides a range of new features designed to help creators maximize their video content, including:

  • New tools which enable publishers to add custom intros and outros to their live videos
  • Custom Reactions, which enable creators to replace one of the six  reactions emoji with an alternative graphic of their choice
  • Access to a unified inbox with comments from Facebook. Instagram and Messenger in one place (this functionality has been rolling out to Pages since February)
  • The ability to post content direct to Facebook Stories (and now, by extension, messenger ), and cross-post from Facebook to Instagram
  • New insights, available direct within the app, which will provide creators with more data on fan response, enabling greater optimization.

Creators can use the Facebook Creators app to up the production quality of their live videos, manage their comments and messages from viewers, post Stories across Facebook and Instagram and analyze their videos’ performance. And creators with shows on Facebook’s Watch tab can also use the app through their Show pages, though that option remains in testing with a limited number of creators.

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