Facebook Messenger adds buy button and native payments

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Facebook announced the launch of Messenger Platform v1.2,

Containing several new features,
the most prominent of which is the ability for brands to accept payments directly via the application.

Facebook is making it easier for people to buy from Messenger bots and giving those bots new tools to increase sales.

The other major feature launch is the ability for brands to use News Feed ads on Facebook to drive users to Messenger via calls to action such as “send message,shop now or learn more.”


Now, people can have Messenger automatically plug in the credit card and address information attached to their Messenger profiles when buying something from a Messenger bot without any need to leave Facebook’s app.

Welcome Screens

Facebook’s also introducing new welcome screens which will greet users when they start a new thread with your bot within Messenger.

Your welcome message will provide a more personal touch to your business bot, with information including the category of the associated Page, response time and capabilities provided on Messenger. Businesses will be able to customize their introductory text via Page settings.


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