Facebook Launches Dynamic Ads For Real Estate

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Facebook has now expanded its ad product with Dynamic Ads for Real Estate, allowing brokers to advertise properties dynamically on the platform. 

Product Catalog Ads promote relevant products to people who have searched for products on a specific website, Dynamic Ads for Real Estate promote listings to those who have searched for listings on a broker’s website.

Dynamic Ads for Real Estate automatically promote relevant listings from real estate inventory, without having to create unique creatives each time.

All you need to follow this steps:

  1. Set up your Home Listing Catalog.
  2. Build your Audience for Real Estate.
  3. Create and deliver ads for your home listings.
  4. Get delivery information to see how people on Facebook are engaging in you ads, see Ads Insights.
  5. Use debugging tools to diagnose and resolve problems. See Dynamic Ads Debuggin.

ِِAdvertisers can optimize delivery to people who are more likely to take action – whether that’s to submit information, or something else.

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