Facebook Campaigns

The best way to create Facebook campaign

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1) Choose increase conversions on your website:

Go to your ads manager from here: Facebook Ads Manager.

Choose on the right side of our type of ad.

2) Name your Campaign & Testing:

Now Facebook allows advertisers to test their campaign first before creating their campaigns as we clarify in the photo.

Facebook A/B Test
Facebook allows you to test your ad first before creating it

Before starting our campaign we have to name it.

3) Choose your conversion:

use the Facebook pixel to measure and optimize ads for conversions, And choose your conversion as the below.

– custom audience

You can use a custom audience in your targeting ( Lookalike audience or your custom audience or both of them).

4) Choose your location:

Go to the map and choose your specific or bulk locations.

age, gender, and languages

choose your targeted age for your audience and gender after that choose your targeted language.

5) Targeting:

In this phase we have to select each item in our targeting to reach our targeted audience from these sections:

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviors
  • More Categories

Or if you have previous experience to reach your selected audience, choose your saved list.

6) Connections:

Define your connection for people who like your page, friends of people who like your page, people outside your page or all of them, in addition to choosing apps  & events targeting.

7) Placement:

let us define our place for our advert:

Facebook ( Newsfeed – Right column)


Audience network



If we choose messenger as a placement, it will turn off the other placement

8) Budget & Schedule:

In this phase, we have to select our budget and if we will make it a daily budget or a lifetime budget.

After that, we have to select our duration schedule for our campaign.

9) Optimization:

Our optimization for ad delivery will be conversions and we will have 3 options:

1 day click after clicking or viewing our ad.

7 days after clicking or viewing our ad.

28 days after clicking or viewing our ad.


Facebook Ads Optimization
How to optimize Facebook ads







10) Bid amount:

after choosing our conversions type, we will choose our bid amount even it will be automatic bid or manual.

If we choose the manual one, my suggestion to choose the AVG between the suggestion one if you don’t know the best bid for your ad according to your industry.

NB: We will get charged by 1k impression in this type of ad.

11) Creative section:

In this section, we will choose our creative type for our campaign as the following:

  • Carousel
  • Single image
  • Single Video
  • Slideshow
  • Canvas

NB: The recommended image size is:1200×628

12) Ad preview:

before confirming our campaign launching we have to preview it in all devices.


Just we will confirm our ad to be reviewed by FB.

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