Facebook Automated Rules: Let Facebook Do the Work for You

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Make your Facebook Ads budget even more efficient with automated rules.

Creating automated rules is a new and very meaningful feature, that allows advertisers to automate the decision making and management of their campaigns.

What are automated rules?

Automated rules allow you to automatically get an alert email, or pause your campaigns, ad sets or ads, according to preset conditions you define, when creating a rule. When the automated rule will meet the defined conditions, the rule will be activated, and will pause the campaigns, ad sets or ads, or will send an alert email, according to your choice.

And now, bring your laptop to make together with our automated rules:

 1) When you open your business manager, you will find under the create & Manage section a new tab called: Automated Rules.

2) You will find a green tab to create your rule:

3) And now we will start in creating our automated rules, the 1st step is applying to rule to all active ad sets or all active ads. 

4) After that, we will choose the action towards your campaign.

Tip: If you feel that automatically pausing makes you lose control of your campaigns, start with email based rules, that will let you know on required changes.

5) Now, define the criteria to base the rule on. You can choose more than one criteria, which means the rule needs to meet all of them to be activated. There are different criterions to choose from:

Tip: Choose the parameters that are most important for you, and would have made you pause your campaign manually. In most cases it will be the cost per your chosen objective, that is getting to a higher level than you are willing to pay, or amount spent that is exceeding your budget. In ads level, it would be low CTR or high frequency.

> We have also to define the scope of our condition if the chosen result is greater, smaller, between or not between than x value. 

6) We can choose also the time range for the campaign:

Frequency & Schedule – When your automated rule will test the conditions. It is set for a daily check by your account’s time zone.

Rule Name – Choose how to name your automated rule.

Tip: Don’t choose names like “Rule 1”, “Rule 2” etc. Make sure to choose names that describe what the rule does. For example, if your rule is set to send an alert email when the amount spent goes over $1,500, name it: “spent > $1,500, email”. Naming your rules in a way that makes sense, will help you apply them to future campaigns.

According to Facebook, an ad account can create up to 100 rules (this includes both active and inactive rules). Your rules will be checked daily starting at 12:00 AM in your account’s time zone, and will run continuously until you turn them off. To edit your rules and turn them on or off, go to Power Editor, click on the dropdown next to the “Create Rules” button, and select “Manage Rules.” From there, you will also be able to track your rule activity.

An example of an automated rule:

You want to receive an alert when your cost per impression is greater than $1.00. You only want to receive alerts for results with a 7-day post-view attribution window within the last 7 days. To do this, you create a rule with the following information:

Action: Choose to Send notification only from the drop-down menu.

Conditions: Choose CPM and is greater than, type $1.00 into the field, and then click Add. Your rule should look like CPM > $1.00.

Time Range: Choose Last 7 days in the dropdown menu.

Attribution window: Click Change attribution window, and then choose7 Days for views only.

After you create this rule, you receive an alert when your cost per impression is greater than $1.00 in the last 7 days and when people see your ad within 7 days.

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