Facebook Announces the Closure of its Ambitious ‘M’ Personal Assistant Project

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The original vision was for M to do everything – from negotiating better rates on your utility bills to booking tickets, to making purchases on your behalf, all with minimal input.

But even beyond that, M was able to do things like draw pictures on request, an element which would clearly be very difficult to scale.

M Suggestions will remain, but the decision to switch off the main M tool seems like something of a concession that we’re not at that next level of AI service as yet, that Facebook has found that its systems are not advanced enough to offer such all-encompassing tools.


that mean Facebook’s going to give up on AI and creating assistant tools in Messenger? Not likely, though the scaling back is probably reflective of Facebook’s wider rationalizing of their bot efforts, and honing in on the elements where users have shown interest. That could see Facebook releasing more specific, focused bot tools, and putting more emphasis on utility-type options within M Suggestions which haven’t already been added.

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