Facebook Adds New PayPal Invoicing and Payment Options to Messenger

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Facebook has announced another integration with PayPal which will enable users to send invoices for items direct through Messenger, streamlining the connection and payment process.

 users will be able to activate the new PayPal option within any Messenger thread. You then enter the relevant details and send the invoice, which the receiver can then click through to complete. Those signed into One Touch will be able to checkout without having to re-authenticate with their password.

This comes on the back of their recent announcement of PayPal as a  peer-to-peer option  in Messenger – the new integration builds on this functionality, providing a simplified payment option to further streamline the process.

The process of the payment:

Simplified payments could be a very big deal for Messenger, and Facebook more widely, especially in terms of changing the perception of Messenger from a simple messaging app to a tool through which people can conduct a range of business transactions

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