Exclusive for imfnd – Instagram advertising guidelines step by step

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Update :

Instagram allowed Advertising for all countries and give new opportunities for companies to reach their audience .

IMFND team received today Full guide for instagram advertising step by step in 5 main pillars.

Here are the 5 main pillars :

1) Ads Specs.

2) Ads Creative Requirements

3) General Best Practice

4) Video best practice

5) The Fine Print.


 1) Ads Specs : 

 > Images Ad Specs :

A) Format 

1.1 Aspect ratio

File Type: JPG -PNG

B) Dimensions :

Minimum: 640 x 640

Maximum: 1936 x 1936

C) Captious:

Maximum four lines of copy 175 characters

D) File Size:

10 MB

 > Carousel Ad Specs:

A) Format 

1.1 Aspect ratio

File Type: JPG -PNG

B) Dimensions :

  • Minimum: 640 x 640
  • Maximum: 1936 x 1936

C) Captious:

Maximum four lines of copy 175 characters

D) File Size:

10 MB

E) Carousel Links:

Open in Instagram browser for IOS , and default browser for Android

F) Carousel Unit:

Maximum :

  • 4 images
  • 1 link
  • 1 caption
  • Note that the link display as the learn more button ” Carousel ads only avaliable via insertion order .

> Video Ad Specs:

A) Format:

1.1 aspect ratio

File type: MP4

B) Playback:

Autoplay with sound off , Autoloop at end of video by default

C) Dimensions:

  • Minimum:640 x 640
  • Maximum: 1936 x 1936

D) Allowed codes:

Audio : H264

Video: AAC , Vorbis

E) File size:

10 MB

F) Video length 

Minimum: 2,5 Seconds

Maximum: 15 Seconds

G) Captions:

Maximum four line of copy 175 character

H) Call to actions:

Avaliable CTA:

  • Book now
  • Download
  • Learn more
  • Shop now
  • sign up

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2 ) Creative Requirements:

A) Format:

Ad images , Videos and videos cover frames must be optimized for square format ( 1.1 Ratio Full Frame)

B) Limit text overlay:

While the caption should be your primary means of delivering consise message , It’s sometimes helpfulto include text in your image in your image , if you don’t include a text overlay make sure it covers no more than 20 % of your image.

Addional requirements:

C) Minimize caption length captions will be capped at 175 character including  hashtags, mentions , and spaces,

D) Using video thumbnail :

All photos ads requirements also apply to video thumbnail .

E) Valid Instagram account:

All instagram advertisers must have a valid instagram account.

F) IG Brand Refrences:

Any use of the instagram or any warriation ( Including insta or Gram ) must be according to instagram Brand guidlines.

Ads may not use the logos such as the instagram camera icon , the instagram glyph and the instagram script logo of instagram without permission.

Ad may show the instagram appinuse such as taking a photo of product , Ads must not imply an instagram endorsement or partnership of anykind .

G) Addional Requirements:

In addition to the requirements outlined here , Ads on instagram must also comply wit facebook advertising guidlines find here:


in the case of a conflicting Ads policy , the guidelines outlines outlined here will take presedent.


3 ) Best Practice:

A) Make your design simple.

B) Keep your Frame balance

C) Focal Point:

Pay attention to what you want , the viewer to remember about the image  and focus their attention there,

Avoid using image that is complex in composition.

D) Inspire emotion.

Take advantage after extended reach of sponsored campaign to leave alasting impression .

people remember images that make them feel something.

E) Lighting & Texture 

Every Pixel is critical when publishing to an audience with high resolution screens.

F) Post Graduation:

The development of high quality , well composed creative is important.

G) Don’t use borders.

H) Communicate through images

M) Keep it Personal.

N) Capturecontent in the moment 

L ) Organic posting will convert also withing your campaign.

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4) Videos Best Practice:

A) Craft Your content

B) Having motion

C) Editorial pacing

Pacing throgh editorial is at the heart of creative expression through sight , sound and motion

D)Frame rate

You can take advantage from slow motion , time lapse and hyper lapse to have better impact

E) Camera Perspective

can have a significant effect on a fil.

F) Camera movement

The movement of the camera tracking through a your shot , can have powerful effect the energy and tone of your film


5) The Final Print 

A) General :

The Ad policies as well as your privacy policy on instagram and terms of use.

Apply to all ads comomercial content (ads ) serving or appeaing on instagram.

B) Content Rights:

No data collected , divided or obtained from or in connection with an instagram ad ,

Including deliver of the ad and users interactions with the ad ( Such as information dvided from targeting criteria )

Instagram advertising data may be recieved or used by entity not acting on behalf the advertiser.

You may not directly or indirectly transfare or sell any data to , or use such data in connection with any ad network , ad exchange , data broker or other party .


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