Etisalat Misr advert: Featuring the legend “Refaa Eldesouky”, for the most powerful people in Egypt

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Etisalat Misr promoting its new offer by a new advert starting by the legend: “Refaa El-Desouly”


كارت اتصالات #أقوى_كارت_في_مصر

اشحن كارت اتصالات #أقوى_كارت_في_مصر لأقوى ناس في مصر تشحنه دقائق أو ميكس لكل الشبكات وكمان فلوس رجعالك هدية تبدلها من أي حد عنده علامة فوري في مصراطلب #811* واختار شحنتك من 5 ل 25 جنيه اطلب code *011*1# واختار هديتك Mohamed Ramadan

Posted by Etisalat Misr on 2017 m. birželis 11 d.

In between: The 2nd ad of Etisalat Misr has reached +67K views in the 1st hour.

Do you think that this copy will be the top viewed advert in Ramadan 2017 as same as “El-Ostora”?

Share with us your thoughts about this advert and your expectations!.

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