ELARABY Group ads: They got consumers to care about their purpose and to get involved

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ELARABY Group has always used pure marketing, ads that just presents a glimpse about the strengths of its products, maintenance and services.

Ο In a very behaved manner Elaraby had been recently seeking to entertain people through its social media pages with simple and trendy content.

Ο In 2016 they started SHUKRAN YA OMY campaign on TV and digital presenting the song with the kids choir and another corporate copy that presents the products, in addition to presenting digitally interviews with celebrities and Social media influencers such as Mohamed Henedi, Karim Ismail, Bahr and others talking about their mums and what they would like to say about them, how mothers are big value and more over the most important thing to always remember to thank them.|#شكرا_يا_امى

[icon name=”eye” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  Ramadan 2017: Proceeding to making a digital ad with new perspective in comparison with what they are used to do in the previous years| #شكرا_على_ثقتك.

Ο Results: More than 37M video views and almost 3.9M Unique user served per video and more than 57K engagements .

Ο Here to go with Ramadan 2017, ELARABY has published 5 videos for Toshiba recording 18.6M views.

Toshiba Ramadan 2017 ads [icon name=”play-circle” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]:


“Toshiba’s Campaign generates a comic buzz, check this”

“Another one was also related to shopping habits to some sort of people”


One of facebook pages that is completely not related to the home electronics and appliances sector had created full sequence using one the ads shots to tell a full story related to his field of study, Check it!

The Process Behind El Araby Successful  Engaging campaign:

  • Find the Issue that Is Related to Your Brand
  • Build a Movement this year towards their audience
  • Give their Customers the Opportunity to Get Involved
  • They got consumers to care about their purpose and to get involved.

 Share with us your thoughts about El-Araby new approach this year.




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