Egyptian Steel Advert: Money without marketing mind doesn’t make a successful campaign!

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Egyptian Steel launches Ramadan 2017 campaign starring by Cristiano Ronaldo, BUT!

Ronaldo failed to visit Egypt and they use an actor wearing a green screen mask to film his scenes in Egypt instead of him!

Here below are 5 reasons that make this advert unsuccessful:

1) No clear marketing message:

Brands always use superstars in their commercials to deliver the brand message.

At the beginning of this advert, we see Ronaldo is riding a horse next to the pyramids then surfing the Nile! Wait for a second! Is this commercial for the minister of tourism?!

  • The advert’s message is not relevant to the brand message.
  • The campaign approach doesn’t match the audience behavior in Egypt.
  • Scenes are not on the same wave, it’s very clear that every shot is separated from the others and doesn’t make sense too.

2) A bad execution and weak points in the production:

For sure, Egyptian Steel paid a lot of money to have Ronaldo in their campaign. The question here is: Why didn’t we have a suitable production for this big event?!

3) When you run this advert in this quality of graphics, for sure you will have sarcasm towards your advert!




And here you are another review by Hesham Afifi gaining till now +383K VIEWS!

4) The advert was not posted by the Egyptian Steel on their main channels; instead, it was shared by the superstar on his own Facebook page.























5) Poor caption & announcement! 

When you have a superstar like Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s a huge event you should not have to fail in mistakes or to promote your commercial by the traditional way.

  • They can make an attractive teasing campaign before launching their advert.
  • They have to improve their caption for campaign’s posts.
  • Before launching part 2, they have to learn from the previous mistakes.

Share with us your thoughts for this advert, and if you are in charge:

How can we use a superstar like Ronaldo in a brilliant advert in Egypt? 

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