Don’t Miss The 15 Social Media Updates That Happened Last Week

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imfnd brings together the latest news happened in social networks last week to help you stay up to date with social media:

First Facebook

1- Facebook’s Testing a New Option to Add Text to Cover Photos on Pages

  • Facebook’s testing a new option which enables Page owners to add text to their cover photos to provide more context as to what their business does.
  • The cover text becomes a new Facebook SEO factor, a means to help sort Page relevance and connect you to what you’re seeking and help you to add something extra to your Page to better describe what it is you do, in a spot more immediately visible to users than your ‘About’ page, or a place to include a mission statement to help communicate your purpose.

2- Facebook now automatically stabilizes shaky Live 360 videos

  • Facebook announced a series of new features for Live 360 videos, including automatic stabilization for some videos uploaded to the social network. Auto stabilization will be deployed by Facebook algorithms anytime a video is found to be too shaky. Live 360 videos can now stream live in 4K resolution and will soon be able to stream live in 4K in VR when using the Samsung Gear headset.
  • Video makers can now schedule alerts to followers about live broadcasts, and Donate buttons can now appear in Live 360 video.
  • Also new to Live 360 video, Facebook launched its Ready program to invite camera makers and software developers to earn Facebook pre-approval for Live 360 video. Products pre-approved by Facebook may be recognized because they may carry the Facebook Live logo on their packaging.

3- Messenger Platform 2.1 Brings New Tools to Enrich Conversations

  • The Messenger Platform 2.1 release offers: New tools for developers to build valuable Messenger experiences and drive business objectives:
  • Here’s what’s being added:
    • Seamless Payment Flow: “Now, customers can pay using a one step process through Messenger webview.”

    • Expanded Set of Facebook Page Buttons for Messenger: there’s now a wider range of call to action prompts which will take Page visitors direct to a Messenger conversation – or bot process.
    • There are five new buttons to choose from:
    • Shop Now
    • Get Support
    • Get Updates
    • Play Now
    • Get Started
    • These descriptive CTA options let people know what to expect when they start a conversation with a business.

  • Built-in Natural Language Processing: This new feature will extend functionality across mobile and web, creating a consistent experience across devices. Now, features like user ID and sharing that used to only be accessible on mobile will be available on desktop as well. This also provides developers with an easier way to test and debug when implementing webview and chat extensions.

  • And more updates:
  • Update to customer matching API: Partners will now be able to see if there is a match prior to sending a message to a phone number, and optionally a name via the API. Note: This is currently available in limited release for select businesses in the U.S.
  • Enabling Chat Extensions for Global Pages: Platform 2.0 introduced a way for businesses to build collaborative social experiences using the webview and Chat Extension – like Spotify collaborative playlists. However, businesses that used Global Pages were unable to take advantage of this capability if users in the thread were in different regions. We have resolved this, and now businesses that use Global Pages will be able to build collaborative social experiences for people connecting across the world.
  • Policy enforcement notifications: Developers can now receive notifications when their bot has been blocked or policy issues arise.

Second LinkedIn

1- LinkedIn Lite Launches As A 1MB App On Android BY GEORGE CAREY-SIMOS

  • LinkedIn has launched the new LinkedIn Lite app which is less than 1 MB in size and can help you do most important things available to LinkedIn users.
  • This app enables you to search for people, jobs, companies, and much more, you can see also all jobs and apply for them, you can make connections with the people who matter, and more importantly, you can get all the industry news you are interested in and the app allows you make your professional profile, and even chat to the connections you make.

2- New LinkedIn tool tells businesses about who’s visiting their websites

  • LinkedIn is giving businesses a new way to see what kinds of audiences they’re attracting with their marketing efforts through providing New tool tells businesses about who’s visiting their websites.

3- LinkedIn Provides Capacity to Add Multiple Images in a Single Post

  • LinkedIn added new tools and features, improving the user-experience in tiny increments, as opposed to adding in wide-scale changes. Well, you could argue that adding in video is a fairly significant shift, but still, there’s been no massive, Stories-like updates or announcements which change the way the platform works – which makes sense for the professional social network. They probably don’t need to reimagine the platform so much as refine it.
  • The ability to add multiple photos is now available on iOS, and is coming to Android and desktop soon.


Third Instagram

1- Instagram Expands API Access to Social Management Platforms

  • Instagram has announced that it’s opening up its API access to approved third party platforms, which will enable marketers to track and manage their Instagram presence in more ways.
  • As Instagram: “While businesses have been using insights to view metrics for their content and overall presence on the Instagram app, they’ll now be able to access these valuable insights in the Instagram API for the first time. This will help businesses keep track of their organic content’s performance more effectively on third party tools outside of the Instagram application.”

  • This means that more third party tools will be able to provide in-depth Instagram data and functionality – for example, here’s how third-party app Iconosquare is now able to display Instagram insights data.

  • The new API access will include comment moderation, so brands will be able to not only respond from their management dashboard, but also hide comments, or turn them off completely.


Fourth Google

1- Google officially changes Sitelinks design to carousel format

  • Google has been testing a carousel format for these Sitelinks for over a year and today has confirmed they are now rolling out the new carousel-based design for mobile search results.
  • Here is a screen shot of the new format:

2- YouTube Adds New Tools to Help Publishers Moderate Comments

  • YouTube is adding some new tools which will enable publishers to moderate comments and block comments that contain links and hashtags with a new setting in Creator Studio.
  • If you enable this setting, comments on your videos that contain links will be sent to your Held for Review queue before being published.
  • To activate the new process:
  • Go to your Creator Studio.
  • Go to your channel’s Community settings by selecting Community > Community settings in the left menu.
  • Go to Links and check the box to automatically hold new comments with links for review.

3- Google just killed off one of its biggest features – and you won’t even notice

  • Google Search just killed off Instant, one of the most unique features of its search engine – and one you probably never really used.

4- Google now blasts autoplay videos straight into your Search results

  • In a move that is bound to piss off netizens across the globe, Google has enabled autoplay videos in Search.
  • Following a report from The SEM Post, the internet giant confirmed with Search Engine Land it is currently running a small-scale experiment which involves automatically playing videos in search results.

5- YouTube Red will merge with Google Play Music soon, and I can’t wait

  • Google is finally taking the most logical step towards growing its streaming business: it’s set to merge YouTube Red with Google Play Music, which should make it easier for subscribers to find the tunes they want without all the confusion of the company’s myriad offerings.
  • For now, it sounds like Google will simply create a new brand under which both services will be offered with a single subscription. But I’m hoping that the merger also sees the company make YouTube’s premium tier available globally.

6- Google will keep people safe with real-time SOS Alerts in Search and Maps

  • Google launched a new feature called SOS Alerts for Search and Maps that will provide information on emergency situations.
  • When you search for information on a crisis, you may now see an SOS Alert that includes emergency phone numbers, news, translations of useful phrases or donation opportunities. Depending on how close you are physically to the crisis, you may get a mobile notification directing you to this information. Google Maps on mobile will also show SOS Alerts, marking the location of emergency situations and providing real-time updates like road closures.


Fifth Twitter

1- Twitter is Shutting Down Snappy TV, Shifting Features to Media Studio

  • Twitter is about to replace its SnappyTV with a new Media Studio product for video-editing. SnappyTV is a video-editing tool that allows its users to cut and share TV clips on any social media platforms. Twitter’s Media Studio will be restricting video editing to twitter only. Twitter is also planning to add video caption files to Media Studio.

2- Twitter Testing $99 Monthly Tweet Promotion Service

  • Twitter has started beta testing a $99 per month tweet promotion service, which automatically boosts the reach and engagement of participating user’s tweets.
  • The feature is currently is private beta, being offered for free over a thirty-day trial to those who have used Twitter advertisements before.

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