Discover the Structure of Alphabet Company and the new Movement of Google

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Google really is becoming the subsidiary of a new, larger company called Alphabet.

Google used to be synonymous with search and advertisements, but it has grown. With the advent of Android, the continued rise of YouTube and moonshot projects from Google X, it’s hard to pin the company as being any one thing.

Google is now at a point where it is increasingly looking to acquire multi-billion dollar businesses, as it has previously done with Motorola Mobility and Nest. Companies that big may prefer a level of independence that Google’s previous management structure made more difficult. Those companies may also want to be eventually spun out again, to seek their fortunes independently after a period of Google ownership.

Here are the New Structure of Alphabet Company :


Hours before Google made its restructuring announcement, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway — the diversified holding company that arguably served as the chief inspiration for Alphabet — agreed to acquire Precision Castparts for $37 billion. It was a big, bold deal. That’s the kind of deal Google might like to emulate.

By this new step , Will we see new platforms specially social media platforms will launched under the new umbrella

of Alphabet ?

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