Discover the secret behind Her Charisma Campaign Exclusive for IMFND

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From week ago we notice Big offline campaign called ” Her Charisma ” in Arabic “ليها كاريزما ” ,

Leeha Karisma










This campaign divided to 3 main items :

A) Black Billboard in two words in many streets.

B) TV Ads.

C) Account on facebook has the same name called ” ليها كاريزما ”

Exclusive for Imfnd – Integrated Marketing Foundation we received today call from on of Al Araby Group leaders

And the secret behind this teaser campaign was for new Refrigerator from Al Araby Group

leeha karisma










Al Araby group leader who contact us , told us the aim of this campaign is to show their products in smart and creative way with integration between offline & Online channels in suspense way for their customers.


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