Cristiano Ronaldo Conquers The World Of Digital Marketing

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Sporting stars are following the steps of Hollywood and music celebrities who are investing in the tech industry.

The highest paid player in the world has bought the biggest share of one of Portugal’s biggest digital agencies. Ronaldo now purchased a majority stake in Portugal’s Thing Pink. The agency, led by Luis Parafita, has been involved in a number of high-profile projects on the Iberian peninsula.

Thing Pink previously described themselves as “a multidisciplinary team of thinkers, strategists, designers, engineers, producers, pirates and proud geeks, reshaping digital experiences and ecosystems.”

Ronaldo is looking forward to launching a new vehicle will be called “7EGEND”, replacing the Thing Pink brand. The team is now working with the Madeira-based Craque to launch the brand. It also has a presence on Instagram and Facebook.

In addition to being the highest paid player in the world, Ronaldo has investments and businesses in areas such as textiles and footwear, and partnerships with brands ranging from watches to food and hospitality.

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