Conversation rate optimization and how it affects your website visitors

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What is conversation rate optimization and how it affects your website visitors

In this article you will understand the following

  • What is CRO and why it is important to your business.
  • And Identifying some areas in your website conversions

What is Conversion Rate?

Conversion Rate means when a visitor takes an action on your website that you want them to take. That action could be signing up for an email newsletter, creating an account with a login and password, making a purchase, downloading your app

Whatever the action that you want your visitor to do, is what are going to be measured and what you‘re looking to optimize.

Conversion Rate is the total number of conversions divided by the number of visitors to your website.

Conversion Rate Optimization is

  • To structured and improving website performance
  • To know your user feedback through analytics and insight
  • Define your website unique objectives and needed KPIS

Why it is CRO is important!

  • There are always looking for website improvement

No matter how well-designed your site is and no matter how many visitors you’re converting into users, it’s likely you could make the conversion process easier to them

  • Paid advertising is only getting more costly and competitive

Spending too much on the ads is not the solution, especially if there is a drop in your conversion, CRO is help you to identify and deal with those problems first.

  • Optimization is to get the right visitors

You are looking for people who are looking forward to your product and help your marketing efforts by telling everyone they know how great you products are.

  • It is free to do

Means that CRO is working on the traffic you already have that means you will not spend money to get traffic to your website. Optimization increases the return on your current investments, and converting a higher percentage of your current visitors is much more cost-effective than attracting new ones.

  • It lower your customer acquisition cost

Doubling your conversion rate means split your cost-per-acquisition (CPA), or by how much each new customer costs you.

  • It gives you more money to spend on additional acquisition

More profit means extra money to spend on getting new users

  • CRO increase your market share

The more you increase your conversion rate, the more traffic you can get, the more customers you get, the more repeat business you get… You’ll rapidly increase your market share. And it all starts with your conversion rate.

Here are some areas in your website that you should take a look at for your conversion:

1-Call to action has to be clear and easy to find

2-Graphics design has to be relevant, well-placed, clean, and unique

3-take a look of usability, make your user search for what looking for easily, if your website in e-commerce make checkout process easy, Keep your navigation, registration, contact, and payment organized and easy to find and operate.

4-is it clear that your website provide security. So that users trust your website.

5-Are your Search Engine Optimization efforts up-to-date, accurate, and relevant

Are you using proper Meta data? Images should have correct names, and keywords should be used properly. Titles should be clear and descriptive. If these items are not relevant, people may be coming to your site looking for something you don’t offer, while those who seek your services are unable to find you.

6-Do you have customer Testimonials this shows visitors know how happy others are with your services /product. This increases your conversion rate.

This list is not completed for every website, what works in a website; it won’t work in another site and might hurt user experience and therefore conversion rate. this is because each website has its unique mission, strengths, and challenges.

You will always have Barriers in your Conversion, and there’s only so much you  can do to identify them. Finally, you will have to reach out to your users and ask them about your website. CRO is a process of diagnosis, hypothesis and testing.


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