The Complete Guide to Use Buffer for Social Media Management.

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Schedule, publish & analyze your posts across the top social networks, all in one place

Use buffer to manage your social media team.

Inviting new team members to buffer to give everyone access to the profile.


  We’ll walk through how to do it step by step:

    Step one:

   Go to admin (team members)

  Start by clicking the admin tab and selecting “Team Members”.

 Step two:

 Click the “Invite a New Team Member” button.

   Step three:

  Enter the name and the e-mail address you’d like to send an invitation.

         Inviting your client.

      You can invite your clients to buffer and they’ll be able to:

  • Log in and see their own social accounts.
  • View what content is coming up.
  • View the social media calendar.
  • View how well their posts are performing in analytics.

    Scheduling your content in buffer.

        Just drop off the content for your social media posts and you will never have to worry about when they will be posted.


         Analyzing how well your posts are performing.

  • You’ll find a history of all of the posts that have already been published via   buffer. 
  • You’ll find some statistics like engagement metrics and growth rate.
  • You can download a report as a PDF and share it with your team.

       Pablo by buffer:

  • You can create images using Pablo and you can pick the size of your image from 3 popular social formats including (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter)
  • You can add body text, header or caption.
  • The last option you can add a logo and change its size and its radius.

            I recommend starting your experiment via buffer now!

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