Coke Comeback: How Coca-Cola Use “Customer Participation” in a community campaign

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Coke launches a new campaign under the name of #الأجيزة 


“This campaign encourages customers to engage with coke through mention their managers in order to give them a vacation”.


“Coke needed to do something engaging and innovative; they know the impact of connecting employees with their managers in a funny way on Social Media to take a vacation!”


“Coke asked from their audience to send them a private messaging using the hashtag “#الأجيزة” with the name of their manager, after that Coke will send them a video to convince their manager to give them a vacation.”

How Coke’s fans engage with this campaign:

Another example marketer should take from these campaigns in focusing solely on acquiring new customers, to engaging throughout the customer lifecycle. Companies must continuously engage with their customers over time.

Do you agree that participation marketing is a smart way to deepen your brand’s relationship with customers? What are some of your favorite examples of participation marketing? Join the conversation in the comments below.

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