Coca-Cola VS Pepsi Ramadan 2015 Campaign Report

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Always every Ramadan we wait the match between Coca-Cola & Pepsi .
Pepsi launched it’s teaser campaign on 21 June

After that they published the campaign on 25 June

The campaign this year depends on the same concept of Ramadan memories and gathering with presenting ,
Old characters that usual seen in Ramadan , This year the most emotional scene of appearance of “Ahmed Zaki “and
his son Haitham Zaki.

Coca-Cola This year made new step in Advertising industry of publishing their campaign on Digital platforms only
Even wonder that they joined Ramadan race late , But they achieve nice results & Engagement we will cover it in this articel.
They published teaser campaign on 27 June


After that they hitting into Ramadan race with  4 Videos  on 2 July and the last one on 3 July

In this Report you will see:
A) Full sentiment analysis for Coca-Cola & Pepsi depends on 12,560 comments Overall comments of the 2 campaign
Coca Cola Positive Percentage = 97.2 %
Negative Percentage = 2.8 %

The Most Positive Feedback talking about:
> The Nice Idea about Donating for Egyptian Villages and develop it.
> The Nice idea about Didn’t judge people quickly and take time before Judging.

The Most Negative Feedback talking about:
> Bad voice-over.
> There are no commitment about increase donation for 1 EGP per each photo will be uploaded.

Pepsi Positive Percentage = 96.7%.
Negative Percentage = 3.3 %

Most Common Positive Feedback:
> Family Gathering and Ramadan’s Memory
> Scene between Ahmed Zaki and Haitham Zaki

The Most Negative Feedback talking about:
> Repeating the same idea of the campaign.
> Use the same idea from Video clip of Capital palace Band.

pspsi and coca-01

B)Campaign Videos Views on Facebook & Youtube.

pspsi and coca-02

C)Total Likes & Shares on Facebook.

pspsi and coca-03

D) Fan Growth in this Month for Coca & Pepsi Fan pages.

pspsi and coca-05

E) Total Tweets numbers about both campaigns

pspsi and coca-04.

After this Match between Coca-Cola & Pepsi , What do you think about this Stats and the results of the race ?
and from your point of view which campaign achieve it’s marketing goals.

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