Chipsy Learn from 2013 campaign to spread smiles for 90 Million Egyptians

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In 2013 Chipsy making campaign with challenge to break chipsy machine to get your free pack.

This campaign show the bad attitude of some of Egyptians which make most of fans have negative feedback for this campaign which make Chipsy launch apologize for fans.


In 2015 Chipsy Making awesome campaign with creative idea for spreading smiles for 90 Millions Egyptians.

This campaign show the best attitude of Egyptians ” Egyptian Smile ” which was famous round world , Chipsy make creative design for its packs with smiles to spread smiles for all Egyptians and re-sending smiles for people round Egypt .Smiling is a great way to make yourself stand out while helping your body to function better ,which make this campaign go viral through people.


Summary :

” When you know well behavior of your audience and making new creative ideas for your products which add values for your customers , you will achieve your marketing goals “

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