Brilliant Billboard idea for awareness about violence against women

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A new billboard on October village for violence against women.

This billboard  is part of a campaign Brought by UN Women Egypt ,

Marwan Younis 

The Associate Creative director of  FP7  Cairo and one of the responsible team of this campaign describe Billboard idea :

In the morning the ad seems plain and simple, only featuring a portrait of a girl and a simple message “once upon a time, a princess fell in love with a prince. Do you know this story?”.

A story we’re all familiar with. At night however, the billboard lights up revealing bruises and scars that were printed on the back of the ad and are only visible when back-lit, turning the girl into a violence victim.

The rest of the message also appears “once upon a time, a princess fell in love with a prince. Do you know this story? Violence against women is a crime punishable by law. Speak Up”
This ad is a manifestation of real life. Just like the ad will keep lighting on and off everyday, the cycle of violence never ends if people choose to remain silent.

This billboard is part of campaign which will be appear soon on TV.

“It’s important only when you make your campaign even through offline or digital channels to be different and creative with an objective to deliver your message in a perfect way to the audience.”

Stay tuned. 

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