Brazilian judge blocked WhatsApp for 48 hours

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Brazilian judge blocked WhatsApp for more than 100 million people who rely on it in her country.

A judge in the city of Sao Paulo initiated the blockade on the service,

telling Brazil’s telecoms companies to stop the use of the country’s most popular messaging app, but did not divulge the name of the company or individual responsible for the injunction.

On the other hand Brazilians are the #2 or #3 audience on every major global social platform,

and on a per-user basis, Brazilians spend almost double the time on social media as Americans.

But a temporary WhatsApp shutdown is not even close to the craziest thing happening with the Brazilian internet right now.

As TechCrunch has pointed out, 93% of Brazil’s internet users use WhatsApp to help avoid some of the highest phone plan prices in the world.

The most company have benefits from this decision ara Telegram ” WhatsApp Competitor ” they gained 1 million new Brazilian users in a single day. 


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