Brands utilizing National Team for World Cup campaigns (Part 2) | Ramadan 2018

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Brands are utilizing the Egyptian Football National Team this Ramadan as they are the real stars as Vodafone says.

Egyptians are anticipating World Cup after 28 years, this Ramadan is quite interesting, audience are equally searching for TV series and FIFA World Cup.

At the beginning of Ramadan, brands released their World Cup campaigns, check them out here:


Below are the 2nd week of Ramadan coverage of World Cup campaigns;

Uber Egypt: معاك_لحد_ما_توصل#

Uber Egypt has created various ads featuring Al Ahly players as they are the official sponsor, and their latest advert featuring Mohamed Salah has created such a buzz for its high-end execution.

The advert gained up until now, 5.5M views and 138K engagement in 5 days, read more about the campaign’s tactics here:

WE Telcom Egypt: الصوت المفقود#

WE has created a cinematic teaser copy featuring Ahmed Abdel Aziza, Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Ezz, and then the first episode of the “search for the lost cheer” just a day ago.

It was viewed 1.3M times on Facebook and gained 23K engagement.

Pepsi Egypt: يلا_نكمل_لمتنا#

Pepsi’s World Cup campaign is recreating oldies songs by the National Team in their training camp, expressing their everyday life in a sarcastic, comical way and encouraging audience to do the same and share it with the team to show their support. The ad features Saad Samir as the main hero and many more, watch the first copy below,

The 1st copy gained 6.4M views and 311K engagement.

Some brands released their World Cup campaigns even before Ramadan and re-launching them again now ahead of Egypt’s first match in FIFA World Cup on the 15th of June;

Clear Egypt: عارفين_هنشجع_مين#

Clear Egypt launched their World Cup campaign early on April.

As, many Egyptians were always cheering for different international clubs, this year there is no doubt on which football jersey we will wear to cheer for our Egyptian National Team.

The ad was viewed 921K times on Facebook.

Furthermore, they created “The experts” الحريفة, promoting the street footballers who are now playing in Russia. الحرفنةـأصلهاـالشارع#

Football has always been played anywhere and by anything, Egyptians has always has a passion for football than any other sport.

The ad gained 1.5M views on Youtube.

Coca-Cola Egypt: #‏كوكاكولا_بتستعد_ومصر_هتسد

Last but not least, the most anticipated brand is Coca-Cola, every Ramadan the soft drink dynasty keeps us on our toes till the second half of Ramadan, and finally, they released a teaser photo yesterday, and it is dedicated to the World Cup featuring the singer Tamer Hosny.

It seems that there will be a special edition packaging for World Cup, which remind us of Pepsi going “red” for the African Cup of Nations (AFCON).

Read about Tamer Hosny latest campaign for Hospital 500 500 here:

Let us know what you think of the second batch of campaigns.

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