Branded Content Now Available for More Pages

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First, we need to define what is branded Content?

Branded Content is a creator content that influenced by a business partner for an exchange of value.

How does it work?

You need to tag your business partners in their branded content posts. When tagged a business partner will be notified and be able to see high-level performance insights as well as have the ability to share the post to their Page and put additional spend behind it.

Facebook announced yesterday (Mar 30, 2017) three updated for branded content:

Enable more pages to share branded content.

Only verified pages and profiles have been able to share branded content on their Facebook pages.

But now any page now can submit an application(here) to gain access to the branded content tool. Facebook starts to roll out this tool for unverified Pages.

Pages who can share branded content will get a notification when they log in to Facebook and will see the branded content tool in the post composer in the form of a handshake icon.

Update the branded content tag.

Facebook updated the branded content tag to include the word “Paid” in the post.Thie

They mentioned their goal from this update to make it clear to the people that branded content is an exchange of value between the publisher and third party.

Simplify the policy for branded content.

Finally, Facebook mentioned they updated their policy based on previous feedback from their publishing partners.

Also,  logos, watermarks, and graphical overlays to persist throughout a video are now available.



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