Avoide using the NewsJacking concept into a bored content!

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Using Newsjacking is being very important thing in your marketing Strategy through your marketing channels. 

But take care about how use it as if you use it in wrong way , it will backfire on your Brand in negative way. 

First of all what’s the Newsjacking ? 

Newsjacking refers to the practice of capitalizing on the popularity of a news story to amplify your sales and marketing success.

News is breaking every second in this crazy world and there’s a point at which marketers have a unique opportunity to ride the popularity wave of a breaking story to benefit their business in some way with a huge impact from the newsjacking methodology.

A newsjack can come in a variety of channels, such as a social media update, a blog post, or a press release , It can also cover several different points relevant to your industry or offering unique takeaways as to why a specific news story is important or relevant.

Here are visual representation of Newsjacking from David Meerman Scott Book: 













I hear now a question from one of  our great fans about the difference between Newsjacking and real time marketing 

Real Time Marketing is marketing that is based on up to date events ,

The main focus is to stay with relevant trends and getting “Real Time” feedback and interaction from customers. All you need to do is connect customers with your product or service using a current event to highlight how and why they need you in their lives right now, not a year later.

Example: Do you remember guys the famous photo for Luis Suarez when he bite the  Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini during the World Cup

Snickers answered with an image of a bitten Snickers bar and the words “More satisfying than italian”.


On the other hand Newsjacking  is essentially hijacking  the keywords and search traffic from a current event and redirecting it to your content to be related to your Brand message.

Example: Do you remember when everyone was tweeting during a sports event in USA about the blackout and looking for news about it,

Oreo’s tweet following a blackout and no problem about cut of the power as you can eat it in the dark



Here are visual representation of the difference between Real time marketing VS Newsjacking:




After we share together the main concept of Newsjacking and the difference between it and Real time marketing , 

I would like to share with you the impact of using repeated content in Newsjacking wave on Brands !

Most of us watch the famous trending video of Shaimaa Abd el monem the reporter from Alyoum 7 , and her famous question to Leonardo Dicaprio ” What’s about your first oscar? “

 The first brand who connect this wave of newsjacking to their brand in efficient way are Volkswagen KSA 

people making a huge positive interaction on their post which make it go viral through social media , They really use the newsjacking concept in right way.


12799089_973087019433727_3909493541637156560_nAfter that we see many companies use the same concept with the same message which make a negative feedback on fans! 

Before seeing together examples , what are the reasons for these negative feedback:

  1. Use the same marketing message and didn’t use an other ways which related to each industry for each brand according to their industry.
  2. Publish this posts days later after the buzz about the famous video with the same concept.
  3. Stay use the same message after the apologize of Shaimaa statement later which make many people Sympathizes with her.

” This direction is not newsjacking , the main purpose from it is connecting the process of leveraging trending news to be elevated with your brand’s message” .

Here are different examples for this direction:





























Hey Guys , We didn’t finish yet – Let’s take a look for a successful campaign for different brands for using Newsjacking in efficient way which relevant to each brand 

A) First campaign for the famous argument about the dress color for being gold and white or blue and black from different brands:







B) The Second Example is famous Newsjacking trending campaign about the breakable iphone 6:





“Your Turn”

  1. Use relevant content to your brand message while using the newsjacking techniques.
  2. You should know that real time marketing in known by right time marketing nowadays , so you have to put it in your marketing strategy.
  3. Check Keyword Search Volume to stay tuned for all trending newsjack.
  4. Find the primary source of the news story, and what others have already written about the news story.
  5. Write Quickly, but Accurately
  6. Differentiate Yourself
  7. Let people know about your spin on the story!
  8. Keep updated and aware about all events around world.
  9. Don’t copy from others
  10. Build your strong online reputation which will make your fans trust on your content.



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