#AppleEvent Summary in 9 points with a big change for Apple

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Apple unveiled new iPhone models within few fours,featuring a water-resistant design, upgraded camera system, and faster processor.

The iPhone’s main improvement revolves around the new camera. Past models have had only one lens on the back, but the new version features a dual-lens system on the larger iPhone 7 Plus. One lens will be for regular shots and the other will have the telephoto.

On the Other hand ios, 10 will be available on 13/09.

14305362_10154536859117049_3532035729231300609_o#1:Both lenses will take photos at 12 megapixels.

Apple says the iPhone 7 is now force sensitive, so responses can differ based on how hard you press it.

14224782_10154536858752049_3456543742514135661_n#2:Also Apple announced a big update about the headphone:

No headphone jack = wireless ear pods.

Apple has introduced two new sets of earphones — the Lightning EarPods and the Wireless AirPods. As their names suggest, the former will connect to the handsets via a Lightning cable, while the latter will pair using Bluetooth.


#3:Apple announced for updates about ios system,

The software will add more intelligence to Apple services like Maps, Photos, the iPhone keyboard and Siri, the voice-activated digital assistant. There’s a new Home app to control appliances.

#4:In a big change for Apple,

Apple is opening Siri and its iMessage service to work with apps created by independent developers. Siri will be able to send a message to a contact on LinkedIn, the professional social network being bought by Microsoft, or to a friend on WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging service. Siri can also send money with the Square Cash service or search for pictures on Pinterest.

#5:New Apple Watch

A new version of Apple’s smartwatch will come with GPS tracking for more accurate workouts and enough water resistance to swim with it.


#6:Pokemon GO & Super mario  is coming to the Apple Watch.

Pokemon Go is coming to the Apple Watch,John Hanke, CEO of “Pokemon” creator Niantic Labs, says the idea is to allow you to focus more on your surroundings and not the phone while playing.#

#7:iPhone 7 storage will start from 32 Giga up to 256. 


#8: Reservation will start on 09/09 and purchasing will start on 16/09

#9: iPhone 7 Price:

Apple said iPhone 7 starts at $649, iPhone 7 Plus starts at $769 , the new wireless headphone at 159$ and Apple watch at 369$.



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