Anghami Welcomes Spotify and Deezer into the MENA Region with ACRCloud Partnership

Anghami Welcomes Spotify and Deezer into the MENA Region with ACRCloud Partnership

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Music is an integral part of our everyday lives, it evokes and engage our emotions in many stages of our lives both individually and in groups. There are songs we play when we are celebrating a joyous event, or listen to others when we are alone and we can’t disregard those precious songs that beat Egypt’s traffic jams.

To understand how deep music affects us, a study from the Journal of Music Therapy shows that “using songs as a form of communication could increase emotional understanding in autistic children. The study incorporated specific songs to portray different emotions. For example, a composition by Beethoven could be used to represent sadness, or the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams could be used to represent joy,” -watch the ad below and tell us how you felt afterwards- so in conclusion each one of us has one or more streaming music apps on our phone.

A lot has been happening lately, that concerns the streaming music apps in the MENA region.

The Awaited Spotify Launches in the MENA region this month:


Let’s start by the biggest news yet, the famous Spotify is available in MENA this November. The berlin-based music streaming app announced in its 3rd Quarter report that it has reached 87 paid subscribers and total number of users is 191 million. Spotify is now competing with Apple Music and other streaming music services for market dominance in the region, including Anghami. Thanks to a large catalog of English and Arabic music, Anghami has over 70 million users.

Spotify now has a footprint in 78 markets worldwide. That includes 13 Arab countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Deezer Streaming Music App in MENA region:

Last month, Deezer sponsored ads has invaded our Youtube videos, Instagram and Facebook feeds. As well as, billboards are everywhere. With such a huge awareness campaign, Deezer the French music streaming service is taking the MENA region by storm.

Aside from its global content, Deezer signed an exclusive agreement with Rotana, a Saudi-based media company owned by Prince Alwaleed, to distribute its content. Alwaleed’s Kingdom Holding Company paid $267 million for a stake in Deezer as part of that deal.

Hans-Holger Albrecht Deezer CEO said to Arabian Business “Apple and Spotify offer mostly global artists, but our position is to focus on local content production and hence our biggest challenge is to learn more about the region and find out what people want to listen to,”

And that they are also working on building a local team in line with its plans to open a regional head office in Dubai in 2019, followed by more offices across MENA.


Anghami co-founder Eddy Maroun said in a statement to CNN Business. “We welcome competition since this helps [to educate] the market and grow the whole segment for a healthier music ecosystem,” He added, “Anghami’s head start and localization remain a natural advantage.”


Anghami Partners with ACRCloud:


The Lebanese duo Eddy Maroun and Elie Habib founders of Anghami have successfully provided the MENA region with one of the largest, licensed music library from the major Arabic labels such as Rotana, Melody, Mazzika, Platinum Records and many other indies.

It also features the international majors EMI, Sony, Warner and Universal.

With more than 30 million songs available, Anghami is stepping up their game to stay ahead of competitors. As Spotify and Deezer are rolling out onto Anghami’s territory.

Anghami announced couple of days ago of its partnership with ACRCloud; the Beijing-based automatic content recognition platform, already works on Alibaba, Baidu, Cartoon Network, DTS, and Xiaomi, among others.
The platform has indexed over 68 million tracks around the world.

Anghami’s strategic partnership is conducted ahead of Apple fully integrating Shazam into its music streaming service following the $400m acquisition.

Anghami’s New Feature:


Radar: First, Radar lets users identify the song currently around them.  They can also use their voice.  ACRCloud then processes the recording, sending users the results.  Once identified, users on Anghami can choose to play the track, download it, or add it to their likes.

Yet, the service admits it may not have every song available on the platform.  Should Anghami fail to have the song, ACRCloud will just provide the name of the track instead.

The founders’ comment on the partnership:

Elie Habib, Anghami’s co-founder said: ”Today, we are introducing the Anghami Radar feature, and we are positive that our users will find satisfaction in being able to quickly and accurately detect songs they are listening outside of Anghami and bring it to their library quickly & accurately.” Explaining, “Since we launched Anghami 6 years ago, we have been hard at work to make our product one of the most advanced locally made app in the world.  We are proud of what our technical team has achieved in the latest version of Anghami.”

Tony Li, Co-Founder of ACRCloud, added, “Very excited to see Anghami brings our music recognition to the Middle East countries, it’s gonna be a new way for discovering music of Anghami users.”


The Anghami and ACRCloud partnership comes with a rebrand:


The Sound of Freedom

Music is freedom, and music is all we have.#Anghami #SoundOfFreedom

Posted by Anghami on 2018 m. Lapkritis 21 d., Trečiadienis


Anghami is trying to stay relevant to its audience. Following the partnership, Anghami has released an ad to spread the new slogan and get its users to recognize the new logo.

Gone are the music symbol and cd, say hello to the new modern, fresh looking logo, as well as the sleek looking typography.

Anghami is giving its logo a more trendy, sleek feel to it.

By firstly, introducing its like “heart” icon into the logo with waves symbol to integrate its new partnership/feature.

Secondly, the gradient colors scheme in the new logo enforce the modern and refreshing concept.

Lastly, removing the outdated serif from its typography, to enhance the brand with a cleaner and a more modern look. 

Add to this the new slogan which is “The Sound of Freedom” and you’ll get a well-rounded rebranding. All aspects of the rebrand enhances and transcends the brand’s growth and stronger footprint in the market.

Let us know which streaming music application you prefer? And what do you think about Anghami’s ad and new logo in the comment below.

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