An Easy guide to moderate your social media channels

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  Social Media is an art, and you are an artist. 

  Moderation is generally defined as staying within reasonable limits that aren’t  excessive or extreme and avoiding. In the context of community members content moderation, it refers to the practice of monitoring submissions and applying a set of rules which define what is acceptable and what is not. Unacceptable content is then removed.

As a Community Manager or Moderator, you need to recognize that:

  1-  Define your voice:

  It’s important to document your tone, manner and even the type of language you used.


   2-  You’re a member of the community:

 It’s important to recognize that, without members, fans and followers there would be no community.

They see themselves as the owners of their own communities.

You also want to become a member of the community, not a ruler.

 3-  Appreciate all feedback:

   It’s Nice to be agreed with, but we’re most apt to grow when we are challenged.


    4 – Have a crisis plan:

 It’s important that people you’re working with know that you need to something immediately in a crisis situation.

 So, Work closely with brand managers to make sure any statement released through the community and social network are sent out as quickly as possible.


  5-  Let the community moderate itself.

   Your job is to keep conversion on topic and make sure people aren’t tracking one other.



6-  Always triple check:

Check links you share if it still active, check the grammar and spelling of your content.

 Share with us how do you manage your community?

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