Ramadan 2020 Campaigns: First Day Recap

Ramadan has started and so has the festivities we all expect throughout Ramadan.

Dozens of brands across the region have eagerly released their ads on the first day of the holy month, while many more continue to wait out the storm of giant ads.

Here is our recap for the first-day adverts of Ramadan;

#1 Orange Egypt 


#2 Vodafone Egypt 


#3 Zain


#4 WE – Telecom Egypt 


#5 Banque Misr


#6 STC 

#7 19011 Pharmacies


#8 Pepsi Ramadan offer


#9 Etisalat Misr Teasing

#10 Fresh 

#11-  Mobil



Share with us your opinion, what is the most influential Ad? 


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