Miro Milk Powder Has a New Addition to its Family, Mazaq Tea Latte

Why brands decide to expand?

There are a number of reasons, brand expansion is an increase in the scope of activities and/or renewal of capabilities.

One of the reason for growth is to become more competitive, might be that the core business is under threat or the company has reached the limits of its natural market so it’s time to stretch.

Another good reason to grow would be that the company’s existing resources aren’t being used effectively. Many companies have expanded, to avoid competition which what the famous actor Ahmed Helmy as Marketer Roushdy in Ga’altny Mogreman said “Eat yourself, before somebody eats you.”


As long as there is need and audience who need your products, go right ahead.

Latest example of this strategy is Miro Milk Powder, the newest addition
to the Miro family is Mazaq.

Miro Milk Powder Expands its Family: Mazaq (Tea Latte)

Miro Milk Powder has a new addition to its family. We are living in the age of speed, fast-paced life, with fast-paced jobs that leaves little time for small pleasures.

Like enjoying a cup of coffee on a friday morning, or snuggling with a hot cocoa and a book at night, you know what is even better, a cup of tea latte in the afternoon, or at anytime for that matter, add some busicites to that and you’ve got yourself a little piece of heaven.

Mazaq brings you fast and leisure. Miro Milk Powder created 3 in 1 tea lattes for your pleasure.

Listening to your audience’s need is a crucial part when expanding your brand.

Mazaq has 3 different types: Classic, Skimmed and Extra.

To all the Tea Lattes’ lovers out there, Miro Milk Powder understands that you take great pleasure in making your tea lattes, as well as, that you like it in a certain way, specifically as you do it, this is why there are variety of styles.

So if you’re a traditional you’ve got yourself the 3in1 classic tea latte, if you like living life on the edge, then the Extra is definitely for you, higher tea ratio to milk. And they didn’t forget about you healthy ones out there, or even if you just like the taste of skimmed milk more than full cream, there is skimmed tea latte package just for you.

Its taste is smooth and way better than the ones I make, each type has been created with the utmost care, to match and exceed the expectations of the tea lattes’ lovers.

In the love of Tea Latte: #‏عشاق_الشاي_بلبن

Coffee addicts this one is not for you, gather around Tea Latte lovers. Wouldn’t you want to have an instant package of tea latte in your pocket or bag. Whenever the mood strikes you will always be ready for your break.

With a whole variety of tea lattes, you will instantly fall in love with them.
If you find yourself in any of these posts below, then you’ve got to get your Mazaq pack now.

Make your day from now on and follow Mazaq on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube for the latest updates and where to get yours now: /mazaqhotbeverages

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