Alumni Stories: Tamar Abesadze from Nissan

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Tamar Abesadze, EU alumna and financial controller at Nissan Motor Corporation, speaks to us about the dynamic international environment at EU, post-graduation challenges, the world of finance and overcoming adversity to find success.

What made you decide to study at EU?

To be honest, I was looking for a university focused on practical studies. EU was giving its students an opportunity to visit multinational companies and see the daily challenges of the real business world. Also, there were open lectures from guest speakers working on different projects in different sectors. In this way, I had inside information and I knew I could apply gained knowledge in my future job appropriately.

Besides, there aren’t many universities that offer such a diverse environment. Students have a global mindset and knowing how to deal with different cultures can be a great competitive advantage whether you are looking for a job or running your own business.

Was there any EU course that had a particular impact on your career? How so?

Global economics. I have always been especially attracted to economics. I believe it’s essential to have wide knowledge in this particular field if you want to understand how the world works. Economics allows us to see what businesses should do to raise profit margins and how the government will react to ongoing events in order to cut the budget deficit. Analyzing all the information helps me to take reasonable decisions.

Did you enjoy the international environment at EU?

Oh yes! Studying in an international environment has helped me learn about different cultures, build intercultural communication skills and become more open minded. It’s a wonderful opportunity to expand your network all over the world.

Are there any skills you acquired at EU that have been particularly useful since graduating?

I have learned how to do a concise and catchy presentation as well as how to control my emotions and be convincing while presenting. For many people, doing a presentation might be a nightmare but after EU I learnt how to enjoy the process.

Since classes were interactive I have learnt how to ask questions and actually listen. Sometimes, people answer the questions, react to market trends and forget to listen properly which is the biggest mistake they can make.

What have you been up to since graduation?

I graduated from EU in September 2016 and started my job at Nissan in January 2017. Those three months were pretty intense, full of interviews and blurry future. I was lucky to get a job where I get training on a daily basis. However, I must admit, I really miss student life.

What are your main responsibilities in your current role as financial controller at Nissan Motor Corporation?

My main objective is to control general and administrative expenses; collect, analyze and reconcile financial data and analyze variances between the budget and the actual report. Also, I work with different departments to solve daily business queries.

What is your favorite thing about working in finance?

Dynamics. It can never get boring. You are learning something constantly and daily challenges get the adrenalin flowing.

What would one piece of advice you give to current EU students?

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes! They are meant to be made. It’s what you do different the next time that matters. Be humble and curious. Never stop reading and try not to procrastinate. Commitment and devotion are highly regarded and lead to success.

What does the future hold for you?

Many challenges and new opportunities. During the working process, I have become more aware of my weaknesses so I need to overcome them. Once I feel more confident, I want to start working on my own project as well.

Is there a quote or philosophy that you live by?

Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm

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