All updates on Social Media platforms to help users engage with the Olympics Games

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Consumer behavior changes rapidly and new events happen every moment that’s why all social channels have many updates to keep up with this changes.

Here are the latest updates on:

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube and Snapchat to help users celebrate the Rio Olympics.

The Games of the 31st Olympiad are about to begin, If you are keen to get into the spirit of the event, there’s a range of new tools with which to do so via social. Here’s a look at how the major platforms are helping connect users to the Olympics celebrations, and how you can participate in the surrounding excitement.


According to Twitter, there are 82% of their users will be looking to get info related to the Olympics from the platform, that’s why Twitter made many changes to help their users.

First: Twitter’s added 207 team flags, one for every competing nation, including the Refugee Olympic Team (#ROT), In addition to this, Twitter also added a range of Olympic and Olympic event-specific emoji for the event.

12Second: Twitter added the option to follow country specific Moments, which will last throughout the Games, so the best of what’s happening with your team will appear in your timeline for the entirety of the Olympics.

3Twitter’s also added every Olympic event into their Event Targeting database in Ads Manager to enable brands to reach users who are tweeting or reading tweets about each.


First: on Facebook, you’re now able to add a new Olympic photo frame to your profile image to show your support for the specific nation.

4Second: there’s also a new range of MSQRD filters which virtually paint your face in your team colors. You can use these in Facebook Live videos or even as your Facebook profile image.

Third: Facebook’s also added a new, Olympics news section which will be constantly updated with the latest news and results – you’ll likely see a prompt like this in your News Feed sometime this week.



Google’s made it easier to find information on Olympic schedules, results and broadcast guides, especially within the Google app, where users can sign up to get automatic updates on top event and medal wins.


First: YouTube partnered with broadcasters in 60 countries to host official highlights, which will also be linked directly to Google search results.

Second: YouTube is also sending 15 of their top creators over to Rio to provide additional perspective on the celebrations via YouTube’s new live streaming feature, giving them a chance to showcase YouTube’s capacity for live-stream content


First: Snapchat partnered with NBC to show highlights from the Games and will have a dedicated Discover channel for Olympics content

Second: Snapchat has also announced a range of Olympic-themed Lenses, Bitmoji, and Geofilters for the event.7All social platforms try to attract their user and keep them updated with the latest news and share with them every moment.

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