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Reaching Right People

Sometimes you need to study your audience well to know who will be interested in your product or your service and don’t forget to target people who are connected to you.

(Visited your website or your Facebook page or in your email list).

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Reaching the right people but at the wrong time!

For example, If you are going to target people who visited your website then the best ad for them will be through your email list. But if you are going to target people who already subscribed then the best ad for them will be selling your product or service

Ramadan ADS 2019 – Orange – Etisalat – Vodafone – WE

bank misr ramadan advert 2020

Evaluate OUTCOMES with Facebook pixel

Sometimes you may have a poor or nonprofessional message that will lead to no interaction with your ad.

This problem goes in two directions, you may have a large budget for a small target audience and you may have a low budget for a large target audience and in the two cases, you won’t get the best results.


also, you may spend a large amount of money and your ad isn’t working well. So you should wait until you find the best ad through A/B testing campaign to find the best way to reach your campaign objective.

After setting the right budget you should fully understand that low bid will lead to low distribution and reach a low-quality audience and high bid will lead to spending more than you need.


using the wrong type of Ad

You should use the type of ad that matches your goal. so if you need leads you should use lead generation campaign and if need views for your video you should use Video view campaign and so on.

not testing or experimenting enough




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