Accelerate Your digital Marketing Journey

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Digital marketing plays a major role in the gaming industry and companies, there are many resources published every month to help marketers counter their shortage of digital skills, but

Where can you go for the best, most useful marketing information?

Today we are excited to share with you 20 free online courses to level up your skills. let’s get started:

#1 Inbound Marketing Certification

by HubSpot Academy

#2 Content Marketing Certification

by HubSpot Academy

#3 Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content

by Coursera

#4 The Strategy of Content Marketing

by Coursera

#5 Blogging: Generate 100s of Blog Topics and Headlines

by Udemy

#6 Content Marketing

by QuickSprout

#7 Email Marketing Certification

by HubSpot Academy

#8 Social Media

by QuickSprout

#9 Social Media Marketing

by edX

#10 Diploma in Social Media Marketing


#11 Social Marketing Training

by Hootsuite

#12 Blueprint

by Facebook

#13 Social Media Analytics

by Quintly

#14 Digital Marketing Course

by Google

#15 Advanced SEO: Tactics and Strategy

by Udemy

#16 Introduction to Social Media Strategy

by Skillshare

#17 Social Media Monitoring

by Coursera

#18 Google Analytics Academy

by Google

#19 Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises

by Udemy

#20 Creativity

by Canva


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