9 Steps to Measure your brand’s social media marketing success

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ROI   is proof that your marketing efforts are working. Clients and supervisors need to know if you’re successful and your achievements in your community.

Businesses that truly understand how to measure success on social media are poised to benefit the most from their investment in this arena.

Here are 9 points to measure your brand’s social media marketing success.

1- Conversation rate

The easiest way to measure the degree to which a post resonates with your audience is to measure the number of replies or comments each post generates – Its called  the conversation rate. Your conversation rate will only be high when you have a thorough understanding of your audience and a well-defined brand. In other words, you can’t manipulate this metric, it will force you to do the right thing.

2: Measure social media conversions

Once you’ve listed out all your business goals and created the conversion metrics to measure these goals, it’s time to implement the tools and processes that actually capture them and start measuring.


3- Total reach

Tracking your total network is important because it will help you judge if you are adding value in the social space. At the most basic level, a larger reach will be necessary to increase the potential spread of your content.

4- Amplification rate

Share, retweeet , etc .

5-Measure Total Value per social channel 

After you’ve worked out the conversion value, you will need to collect all the relevant numbers and the data from your analytics tool.


6- Quality of content

Content is what fuels your social media efforts.

check analysis for it

7- Sentiment

It is a labour intensive process that involves sorting through your posts and determining whether the feedback received is positive or negative. Of course, you need to maintain a  net positive score and, ideally, the growth of positive sentiment will surpass the growth of negative sentiment.

8-Choosing the right monitoring & Measurement  tools

There is no shortage of (free and paid-for) platforms and tools available to monitor, analyse and measure your social media and content marketing activity.

Most popular free tools :

9- Review Results and Reset Goals

Once you have your stats in front of you, you can calculate your ROI and review the results of your marketing to see what worked and didn’t work. If you did paid advertising, that’s important to measure as well.


“Whenever a business launches a new initiative, the most important thing that the business must be able to assess is the effectiveness of the initiative”

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