9 Steps to Destroy your Website Ranking

9 Steps to Destroy your Website Ranking

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In this article we are going to provide 9 ways your website ranking can be damaged just follow  these steps and you will lose your website’s ranking on google.

As you know the organic traffic from search engine is a very important for your business cause it’s a high quality traffic that can increase your revenue.

so if you follow these ways you will destroy your important and valuable source for revenue.


1-Build Unhappy Community:

User experience is the most important ranking factor on Google, if users are unhappy on your website this will impact negatively on your website’s ranking

Google knows if your users are happy or not by some of metrics like bounce rate, time on site, page views, returning users and son on


2- Destroy Your Page Speed:

Page speed is a very important factor and Google announced in 2018 that mobile page speed is a new ranking factor.


3- Ignore Mobile Users:

 More than 50% of website’s users are coming from mobile and this percentage is increasing every year so if you make a bad user journey on your mobile version or your app this step will  push the user out of your website and will not return again.


4- Provide Bad Content:

If your content is not useful, valued and doesn’t answer user’s questions or provide solutions, you have to be sure the user will abandon your website and won’t return again.


5- Don’t Use SSL:

Google added website security to ranking factors since 2017 and increase the Https value last year by warning its users if the website  doesn’t have SSL certificate.


6- Build Spam Backlinks:

Backlinks are trusted factor if you get  them from high authority websites and relevant to your business. Also, Google started punishing websites that build spam backlinks since 2012  with the Penguin update and updated it in 2017 to be real-time, so if you would like to lose Google’s trust build spam backlinks to your website.


7- Ignore Structured Data:

Structured date helps Google to understand your content and index website, also present your content in a special way on google  to increase CTR and Ranking.


8- Don’t Track your User:

If you understand user’s journey on website this would help you to enhance website performance and increase ROI.


9- Copy Content from Others:

Unique and freshcontent help your website rank and Google will decrease or even remove your website from search engine if you copy your content from somewhere else.



Build happy users with a good experience by providing useful content, high speed and security website.Also,  don’t ignore mobile users because it will increase your ranking on the most important search engine which is Google -that has average 70% of search engine market share- and the ranking will impact positively on your revenue and increase your business share in the market.

Be useful, valuable, provide solutions and build relationship with your users to help your business thrive.

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