8 Reasons why “Mekky’s” new song goes viral reaching 2M views in just 24h

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Here are the 8 reasons why “وقفة ناصية زمان” has been so successful reaching 2,000,082 views in just 24 hours!


1) The back story: The fact that we miss a lot of customs and traditions, Mekky present these scenes in a perfect way to catch the audience heart and attraction. 


2) The music is catchy: The song is simple and repetitive.


Mekky gives people an emotional response toward his song

3) The synergy between the music and visuals.


4) Be relatable so people are more likely to share it. 



5) It is simple to learn and extends the engagement from the digital to the physical world.



6) Peer pressure: Now that the video has been seen by so many people, peer pressure encourages people to watch the video and use the song’s words in their social media posts. 


7) Catch his fans Curiosity of knowing more details about the new album since August 2017, when Mekky goes live featuring part of the new song.


8) The good preparation plus the new bodybuilding shape of Mekky especially after facing a disease from a year ago which make his fans Sympathize with him.


Share with us your thoughts about the main reasons behind the success of “وقفة ناصية زمان” and being on the top trending videos on Youtube!

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