8 Essentials steps cannot be ignored in building advertising campaign

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When you build advertising campaign, it is not about making a pleasant ad or making a buzz with your ad regardless any ethics or concerns.

Here are 8 steps that must be in your advertising strategy to build strong campaign 

1-Situation analysis:-

You must have a full understanding of your company current situation and clear awareness of its situation; not only what you want to see or aim for your company but also what is actual on the ground and what is actually happening. There are 2 main tools can help you to analysis the current situation PASTEL and SWOT analysis.


Set a clear objectives for what you want to reach. Set SMART objectives that you can measure later as well.

3-Target audience:-

It is very important to be aware of who are your target audience, who you want to deliver the message for and who will buy from you at the end. Build a strong persona for your customers. Understand well who are they, what they like and what they hate.


It is very important to have a clear strategy what, how and why you are going to achieve your objectives; using which approach and strategies. Simply what is your plan?


Determine the tools and tactics you are going to use according to your strategy. Some agencies fall in the mistake of using the same all tactics to all campaigns. Understating where is your target audience, you will know where to communicate them and where is the right channel.


Having the right budgeting is not an easy thing under sting the tactics and put an estimated budget with small deviation of the actual spending need a good experience and understating of media tools.


7-Time planning:-

To reach a successful advertising plan, you have to publish the right message to the right audience at the right time. Determine the timing of your advertising plan across different media is very important to get the perfect mixture and the perfect ROI.

8- Measuring and Evaluating:-

We have many measuring and evaluation tools all over advertising media whether online or offline that we can talk about in the upcoming article. It is very important to know what you did right, what you did wrong and what is most important, and how to make it better.

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